Pointless Lists

You'll find nothing here but an untelling bunch of useless information. Feel free to draw your own image based on this stuff, but do realise it will tell you nothing about me. Form your image, draw your conclusions - and if I catch you doing so and being wrong (in my opinion) I may decide to hunt you down and kill you slow. You know, for fun.

A Pointless List of Lists - the Index

A Bunch of Lists

Basically solid ideas, that went haywire

Things I can live with

Successful Deterrence Lines (Guaranteed)

My Heroes

Scorched Earth Song Titles

Things worth dying (or living) for

Pop songs I'd love to have all to myself

Things incorporated because of blackmail and/or threats

Things so boring, insignificant and unimpressive the mere fact of their existence is intolerable

Movies I hope most people don't like

Stuff one would like to be able to claim to have read (honestly)

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